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At Multilingual Europe, we provide all types of translation you may need, in order to offer our client all services depending on their needs and expectations. Our translations also go through a careful review process, to ensure the high-quality and excellence of our services.

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Serviços de tradução

Simple Translation

Legal Translation

Literary Translation

Certified Translation

All kinds of translations that do not require authentication, including texts, website content, social network content, agreements, terms and conditions,  abstracts, presentations, CVs, letters and e-mails. We call it a simple translation since the translation will not be certified, however the quality will not be compromised.

Legal translation services refer to the accurate and reliable language translations for the legal sector, which are conducted by a professional linguists with an in-depth legal knowledge. This covers a wide range of documents and material from a variety of law sectors such as contract law, litigation, contracts, patents or criminal law.

Our literary translation team is made up of professional language translation experts with strong foundation in world literature and substantial practical experience.

We keep adding new literary translators to our professional team and can provide high quality translations of novels, poems, plays, scripts etc. for a large number of language pairs.

A certified translation is the translation of documents such as certificates, diplomas,  contracts etc. which are accurately translated and accompanied by a signed statement of truth from an accredited translation agency. Officially translated documents, which are certified are legally recognized and commonly accepted by government and other official bodies in Portugal and abroad.

Tradução urgente

Technical Translation

Technical translation incorporates a broad spectrum of applications, from scientific or engineering information right through to marketing copy, or any document that relies heavily on detailed subject knowledge. Translators must convey technical information in another language in such a way that imparts a precise reflection of the source information, but also highly sensitive towards the local terminology equivalents.

Agência de intérpretes

Marketing Translation

Translating for the marketing sector is very specific. As marketer you must be aware how difficult and challenging it is to craft a message which not only represents your brand, informs the consumer and provokes them to purchase, but is also culturally and socially appropriate. Marketing translation services must take into the account a number of factors, such as cultural, social, political or even religious differences between two countries.

Interpretação simultânea

Urgent Translation

Urgent translation is one of our most requested translation services. Rush translation jobs arise for a whole range of reasons and Multilingual Europe is here to ensure that short deadlines can be complied with. We provide an instant quote service, so right from the outset you can get the information you need quickly and efficiently. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

empresa de tradução lisboa

Apostilled Translation

An Apostille is a certificate confirming that a signature or seal on a document is genuine. The process of obtaining an Apostille is called Legalization. The reason for legalizing a translated document issued in Portugal is so that it will be recognized as genuine when used abroad. Although many different types of documents can be legalized, the procedure and costs are always the same, regardless of the type of document.

«If you need to translate documents, letters, e-mails or texts up to three pages, you will have a priority service without having to pay urgency fees!

We facilitate our customers’ worldwide success by providing complete solutions, exceptional value, and unsurpassed service!»

Translation is what we do, and we do it very well. Whatever your business, your market in today’s world is increasingly global, and we’d like to be your concierge out there, making introductions in the local markets and making sure your message gets heard. Our goals are simple: The best translation services, on time and in budget. There aren’t many companies out there that can do what we do. We cover over 95% of the languages used around the world, including:

Albanian | German | Arabic | Bengali | Chinese | Korean | Czech | Croatian | Danish | Slovene | Slovak | Spanish | Finnish | French | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Dutch | Hungarian | English | Italian | Icelandic | Irish | Japanese | Lithuanian | Moldovan | Macedonian | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Swedish | Turkish | Thai | Ukrainian | Urdu | Vietnamese

As nossas equipas são compostas por tradutores licenciados, experientes e especializados para proporcionar traduções com rigor e qualidade. Se pretende uma tradução de ou para uma lingua que não consta na nossa lista, ou para mais informações e/ou orçamentos, contacte-nos por e-mail, telefone ou pessoalmente, nas nossas instalações, dentro do nosso horário de atendimento. Trabalhamos com atodas as linguas, incluindo:Albanês | Alemão | Árabe | Bengalês | Chinês | Coreano | Checo | Croata | Dinamarquês | Esloveno | Eslovaco | Espanhol | Finlandês | Francês | Grego | Hebraico | Hindi | Holandês | Hungaro | Inglês | Italiano | Islandês | Irlandês | Japonês | Lituano | Moldavo | Macedónio | Norueguês | Polaco | Português | Romeno | Russo | Sérvo | Sueco | Turco | Tailandês | Ucraniano | Urdu | Vietnamita

STANDARD iso 17100:2015

The ISO 17100 : 2015 which was recently introduced, designed for translation companies is an indication of increasing quality and not the price. This International Standard specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services. It includes provisions for translation service providers concerning the management of core processes, minimum qualification requirements, the management of resources, and other actions necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service. 


An apostille is the authentication of a document for use outside of the country. The apostille is always signed by a Secretary of State and certifies the authenticity of the capacity and signature of the person signing the document. Before the Hague Convention the authentication procedure involved multiple authentications by different authorities including a consular officer. The good news is that the Hague Legalization Convention simplifies the procedures for documents if both countries are part of the convention.

What our clients say about us

Para ultrapassar as barreiras linguísticas no contexto de vendas, tivemos que recorrer a profissionais para a tradução de documentos técnicos e jurídicos do ramo automóvel. Até hoje, a Multilingual Europe é a nossa preferência. – Jorge Ramos, Assistente de Vendas da Opel

In Portugal, a CERTIFIED TRANSLATION  means that the translator or translation company has prepared a notarized signed statement affirming that the translation was prepared by a skilled translator and is an accurate and complete rendering of the original document. Essentially, the certification creates a legal record affirming that the translation was produced in good faith and according to professional translation standards and norms.


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